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► Published in IndyBay and Sacramento Press: Allowing Ashkelon to become Sister City Violates Sacramento’s ‘Deepest Humanitarian Values’.

► Sacramento Bee 8-13-12 editorial undercuts the Sister City program by calling for Sacramento to “link with Israel”.  Sister cities are supposed to link people, not governments.  Clearly the Bee supports the agenda of the  local Israel lobby affiliate to use the Ashkelon sister city proposal as part of its Israel advocacy, clearly stated on the JCRC web page.    The editorial is consistent with the Bee’s  uncritical support of Israel, even in the face of Israel’s threats to attack Iran, also reported 8-13 in the Bee.

Concerns about Ashkelon were expressed clearly to the Major and all Councilmembers in a March 12, 2012 letter.   Three months later, Councilmember Steve Cohn responded with a June 11 ,2102 letter.   On July 20, 2012, a letter was sent to Councilmember Cohn to address his responses point-by-point; it was ccd to the Mayor and City Council.

Concerns about the Ashkelon proposal have been voiced by several Sacramento human rights organizations including Sacramento Jewish Voice for Peace, Sacramento Area Peace ActionVeterans for Peace – Sacramento Chapter and others.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) an  ultra-fundamentalist Christian group is now supporting the Ashkelon proposal as reported in David Horowitz’ The Israel Times.

Marylanders have tabled a proposed sister city with Beit Shemesh, Israel over concerns about segregation.  See article: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and Washington Jewish Week.

►News Updates:

South Africa Mayor cancels trip to Israel because it mistreats Palestinians

Australia’s Foreign Minister pushes Israel on child prisoners

Israeli jailors assault, punish Askalan prisoners

IPS military unit breaks into Ashkelon prison

UK report finds IDF tortures Palestinian children

Special Series on Palestinian Prisoners

Prison Administration Tortures Inmates in Ashkelon


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